Top New HI FINE CARE Head Ice Pack, Helmet Ice Pack Cool Soothing Gel Ice Pack for Helmets Keep Cool in Hot Summer, 2 Count (Teal)

Price: $9.99
(as of Aug 17,2021 20:31:21 UTC – Details)

Head Cool Pack is a soothing Gel Ice Pack designed as per skull contour is a non-springy, Non-Toxic Gel filled that absorbs shock and doesn’t bounce back at your head.
Cold Pack provides soothing sensation during usage. It can be used with sport’s activities or for general applications.
Head Ice Pack also be used for general application with ordinary cap to dull the head pain and is capable of bringing down the level of discomfort and pain during migraine. Head Cool Gel Pack has absolutely no side effects to using cold therapy as a method of healing.
Head Cold Pack helps insomnia sufferers fell asleep quickly and enjoyed a restful night after being fitted inside a cap. It believes that lowering the temperature of the brain slows its activity and so aids rest.