Konario Memory Game – A Unique Matching Game for Every Sense – Memory Game with Fun Scratch and Sniff Stickers & Taste Candies – Great for Kids Educational Activities (Ages 6-99)

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A MEMORY MATCHING GAME LIKE NO OTHER, it keeps the whole family ENTERTAINED & ENGAGED. Konario is an absolutely ONE-OF-A-KIND adult & kids memory game for all your senses. SOUND, SIGHT, TOUCH, SMELL & even TASTE! From ages 6 to 99, bring everyone to the table to PUT EVERY SENSE TO THE TEST. We may have tried brain games & visual matching games, but we don’t often exercise all 5 senses at once. Enter Konario! A true brain workout, it’s more CHALLENGING than you’d expect – and tons of FUN!
SPARK CREATIVITY, FOCUS & INTELLIGENCE with learning games for kids & adults. 30 CUBES each hold a secret. DISCOVER your best sense, and your weakest, and STRENGTH THEM ALL as you play these memory games. The trick is FINDING THE SENSES THAT MATCH. Hear SOUND cubes by giving them a shake. Match challenging SIGHT or textured TOUCH cubes. Fun smell stickers SMELL cubes or candy-filled TASTE cubes.
HOW TO PLAY – like any kids matching game the key is to MATCH EACH SENSE CUBE with its twin. THE DIFFERENCE: PAIRS MUST look & SENSE the same. That means identical smell, taste, feel, look or sound! The game gets more exciting when an opponent YELLS “KONARIO!” then STEALS A PAIR from under your nose! Play with friends & family or solo – great for screen-free fun for the kids! The one with the MOST PAIRS AT THE END WINS!
INTERNATIONALLY AWARD-WINNING kids games, Konario’s ingenious, outside-the-box concept and fun, educational and engaging design has received many honors such as TOP-SELLING GAME in Sweden’s #1 bookstore & BEST BOARD GAMES by Sweden’s #1 Newspaper. BRAIN SCIENTISTS AND GAME PROS alike have raved about these kids educational games. Now it is sweeping through America! Learn why all the buzz and fun! You and your kiddos will LOVE IT!
THE BRAIN BEHIND THE GAME, Konario kids board games were designed by Niklas Bergstrom as a SCREENS OFF, BRAINS ON multi-sensory cognitive fitness board game kids. Niklas created Konario as a way to FIGHT BACK AGAINST INCREASING SCREEN TIME in the lives of kids & adults alike. He wanted a game that stimulated all the senses while encouraging conversation & interaction. Konario board games for kids are FOR ANYONE, OLD OR YOUNG who likes to be CHALLENGED AND ENGAGED and to have fun while doing it.