The most dangerous thing Kaley Cuoco does for fun

The benefits of horse life outweigh the dangers for Kaley Cuoco. The actress met her husband Karl Cook, through equestrian events; he is very active in the West Coast equestrian world. In a 2018 Sidelines feature about the couple, Cook told the magazine that “he didn’t really know who Kaley was. He had seen her at horse shows, not on TV, so to him, she was just a beautiful, good rider who was passionate about horses.”  

According to Sidelines, the couple’s shared interest in horses remains a foundation for their relationship. The actress shared the importance of their shared bond, “I never thought it truly mattered ’til I met Karl. To have such a wonderful bond over something that means so much to both of us is truly unique and magical,” she said. “We both understand the sport and what it takes day to day to succeed. We have this deep support for each other that I’ve never had with anyone before.”

It’s great to see a Cuoco so passionate about life outside of the entertainment industry!

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