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The untold truth of Jane Pauley

During the course of her illustrious journalism career, Jane Pauley has had the opportunity to interview some of the world’s most famous newsmakers. In an interview with Indiana’s Business People, Pauley was asked to single out her favorite, and she offered an immediate response. “That would be Michael J. Fox,” she replied, adding that Meryl Streep also sprang to mind, along with “probably others who I have forgot.”

She explained the criteria that led her to put the Back to the Future star and the 21-time Oscar nominee at the top of her list. “Some people are just so rich with insight, experiences, articulate, charismatic, that they’re just wonderful to interview,” she said, adding, “So I guess it’s not terribly surprising that two performers, people high in creativity would be so high up on my list.”

Despite delineating two movie stars as her all-time favorite interviews, Pauley also admitted that “actors aren’t generally a category that interests me,” conceding it can sometimes be “hard” to make an interview with an actor compelling. “The may have great acting chops, but they’re not that insightful when it’s the screenwriter who’s made the movie so great.”

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