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Abandoned cat with extra toes finds new home and social media fame

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Her highness’s extra toe beans (Pictures: Caters)

An abandoned and anxious cat has found a new loving home and Instagram fame to boot after being adopted by a woman who has anxiety as well.

Six-year-old cat Sansa has heterochromia, which caused her to be born with extra toes and different coloured eyes.

The white cat has one blue and one green eye, six toes on each of her front paws and four and five toes on her hind paws.

She was found by staff at an animal rescue centre in New York City earlier in 2020, and has since found a safe home with a new family.

The woman who adopted her, who chose to remain anonymous, said she adopted Sansa because she wanted to save the anxious cat from being stuck in a cage.

She’s told Mail Online: ‘We were informed that her foster desperately wanted her adopted because she was so anxious that she needed to be kept in a carrier at all times.

‘I felt an immediate connection to her because I suffer from anxiety myself’ (Picture: @sansa.thecat / CATERS NEWS)

‘My husband and I met Sansa at a cat adoption event in New York City. Even though there were a lot of cute, friendly cats at the event, my eyes kept being drawn to Sansa’s cage who was previously called Snow. 

‘It was a seemingly empty cage with a sign that said the cat inside suffered from anxiety and had been neglected and eventually thrown out by her previous owners.

‘Turns out the cage was not empty – she was simply hiding under the cat bed!’

Sansa’s owner added that she knew she wanted the cat to come home with her not because of Sansa’s unique appearance, but because she, like the cat, suffers from anxiety.

She said: ‘I felt an immediate connection to her because I suffer from anxiety myself, and I knew that I wanted her to be a part of our family before I even saw her.

‘Imagine my surprise when I realized that she had different colored eyes and extra toes.’

Look at all those extra little beans (Picture: @sansa.thecat / CATERS NEWS)

At first, Sansa was skittish and would hide from people behind, only coming out to eat.

Her owner said: ‘Shortly after she came home, we realized that Sansa exhibited strange behaviours in which her back would ‘roll’ uncontrollably, followed by her attacking her tail multiple times a day.

‘She seemed to be in pain whenever her back rolled and we could not understand why. We had never seen a cat do this before.’

Eventually, Sansa was tested and diagnosed with a kind of animal anxiety called Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome. She’s since been put on a type of CBD oil for animals and has been doing much better.

Sassy Queen (Picture: @sansa.thecat / CATERS NEWS)

Now ‘Queen Sansa’ is confident enough to take charge of the household, with her owner saying: ‘Queen Sansa wakes us up at 6am every morning to announce that she’s hungry, and if we don’t get up in time, she proceeds to knock things off the nightstand one by one. 

‘She knows exactly what she needs to do to get her way,’ 

Not only is Sansa ruling her new roost, but the pretty kitty also earned an impressive 22,000 followers on Instagram.

Her owner said: ‘Many people have expressed how much they love Sansa’s uniqueness with her different colored eyes and extra toes.’ 

She added: ‘I started an Instagram account @sansa.thecat because I wanted to document each day of our journey caring for an anxious, genetically different cat. 

‘What makes her special just makes it a little easier to get people’s attention to raise awareness and advocate for the adoption of special needs cats.’

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