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The tragic deaths of Demi Rose Mawby’s parents

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After the tragic death of both parents, Demi Rose Mawby now uses her influence to talk about grief. When speaking on PrettyLittleThing podcast, Mawby said, “I think if I can inspire people by talking about grief, then you know if they can relate to me and they can understand it a little bit and I can help them then that’s important to me.” Because she’s been through so much, Mawby feels like she “can talk on it.” The British model shared, “I feel like nothing can really affect me now, nothing can really make me feel a certain way — I’ve gone through it all.”

In an interview with the Evening Standard published in September 2020, Mawby expanded on the pain of grieving and how she wants to help others. “I felt angry, sad, bitter and lonely but I am just so lucky that I had a good support system to carry me,” she said. “Being able to talk about grief is so important and not bottle it up. That’s why my message is so important to encourage people to talk.”

Speaking of her 14.5 million Instagram followers, Mawby said, “I honestly can’t believe it which is why I feel now is the right time to use this vast platform I have to good use; to spread the message of positivity and mental health wellbeing.” That’s a really uplifting message to share in the midst of such grief.

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