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Kanye West offers surprising comments to Kamala Harris

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On Aug. 15, 2020, Kanye West tweeted about Kamala Harris’ campaign for vice president. West wrote, “I know my mom and Kamala Harris would have been friends … congratulations on being the democratic Vice President nominee … all love and respect from the future president. It’s an honor to run against you.” As fans know, West’s mother Donda died in 2007 and he often speaks of their close bond.

Although West described himself as the “future president” in the tweet, there’s still a long race ahead for the Oval Office. In fact, West’s campaign is currently under some scrutiny, as The New York Times reported there are Republican activists, including some who have worked directly with President Trump, who are helping the Chicago-raised rapper get on the ballot in some key states. West has also insinuated that his campaign is attempting to divert some votes away from Joe Biden, so his well wishes might not be all that sincere, per Forbes

Previously, West supported President Trump up until his own announcement about running for president. Judging by the tone of West’s well wishes to Harris, he seems to be getting more serious about wanting to win now. 

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