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How Kamala Harris met her husband, Douglas Emhoff

Harris and Emhoff dated for just a year before he proposed. He popped the question at home, during a discussion of what kind of Thai takeout they should order. Harris was searching for a pair of pants she misplaced and almost missed Emhoff’s question. She actually responded, “That’s nice honey, should we have chicken or shrimp on the pad thai?” before realizing he was down on one knee.

The couple married in August 2014 and held their wedding at a courthouse, which was appropriate for two attorneys (via Forward). Their wedding incorporated traditions from Harris’s Indian heritage and Emhoff’s Jewish background and included a flower garland for Doug and stomping on a glass. Harris is a loving stepmother to Emhoff’s two children, Cole and Ella. The kids don’t like the name “stepmom,” and prefer to call her “Momola.” If Biden and Harris win the 2020 election, Emhoff will become the first Jewish spouse of a president or vice president and, of course, the first Second Gentleman.

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